What to Do When You Have Torn Roof Shingles

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Torn roof shingles can be caused by strong wind, wildlife, and regular wear and tear. They are an open invitation for leaks and moisture. Repairing the damaged area in a timely manner is an absolute must. Failure to do so will undoubtedly result in untold damage to your home.

The damages that can occur through a leaking roof can be substantial. Mould and fungal growths can destroy insulation and personal belongings in the attic, and the frame of the house itself can begin to rot. The longer a leak, even a small one, persists, the more extensive the damage can be.

If you suspect a leak in your roof due to a torn shingle, contact a respectable roofing contractor at your earliest convenience. The faster the torn roof shingles are replaced, the lower the odds of damage to your home, and the more you’ll save in the long run.
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Torn roof shingles can be disastrous for homeowners. While the cause of the tear may vary, the solution remains the same. A reputable roofing contractor is an invaluable asset when attempting to repair a roof, which is why one should be called immediately upon the discovery of the damage.


There are dozens of things that could easily result in torn roof shingles. Likely the most common cause is high winds and severe weather. It’s not uncommon for older roofs, or even newer but poorly maintained roofs, to have shingles ripped or torn right off a roof. Other causes include animal and insect damage, the sheering weight of ice and snow, and even falling debris.


Any damage to your roof should be repaired as quickly as possible. To find a respectable, certified, and insured roofing contractor, sites such as HomeStars are a perfect start. There are customer generated reviews of dozens of roofers that will give potential customers valuable insight into the work ethic and quality that can be expected from the roofer of choice.
If you suspect torn roof shingles on your home, timely repair is vital to the prevention of widespread damage. Even a little leak can be catastrophic if not dealt with quickly and professionally. Take advantage of the customer-generated reviews found online to make a better informed decision for your roofing team. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. 


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